Ohm: The Sound of Life Itself

Welcome to www.Charms-Life.com, an online store dedicated exclusively to authentic OHM Beads, OHM Charms, and OHM Bracelets. Treat yourself to designs that capture the essence of you: Tickle your funny bone. Celebrate your pets. Flaunt your favorite colors. Honor people you love. Renew your awe of nature. Listen to the sounds of your life, and choose the OHM Beads, OHM Charms, and OHM Bracelets that are as unique, interesting, and ahh-some as you are!

About OHM Beads OHM Beads’ flair for creating one-of-a-kind designs with distinctive details has contributed to the company’s increasing recognition and success in the global market of European-style charm bracelets. With OHM Beads, you don’t need to be a brand purist — OHM Beads, OHM Charms, and OHM Bracelets are compatible with similar leading brands (OHM’s beads are large core and fit on any bracelet brand). And, the designs complement other similar designs. So go ahead — Mix it up! Be creative! OHM Beads, OHM Charms, and OHM Bracelets are made of sterling silver as noted by the .925 hallmark on each piece. OHM Beads also offers an exquisite and extensive selection of genuine Murano glass beads in different shapes. Several OHM Beads and OHM Charms feature accents of sparkling crystals and colorful enamel.  (Note: glass beads have large universal cores which  allow them to slide easily onto bracelets and necklaces; sterling silver beads have screw-on cores.) Unlike other brands, OHM Bracelets have “threading” at each end point. Beads screw over the threads, and then slide freely on the bracelet. To keep OHM Beads and OHM Charms in place, OHM clips (lined with silicone) are used. Safety chains are also available to provide extra protection and to keep bracelets from falling during the “put on and take off” process.  OHM Beads releases new bead and charm designs frequently, so be sure to visit our site often. Or we’ll miss you. Terribly.

Explore the alternate universe of OHM Beads, OHM Charms, and OHM Bracelets.


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