About OHM

OHM is a diverse team of designers and dreamers, geeks and authors. They live, play, and work in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle WA, USA – home to coffee addicts, computer geeks, naturopathic medicine, orcas, tulips, farmers markets and slow food, rain jackets and vitamin D deprived environmentally conscious individuals. OHM creates unusual, quirky, odd, provocative and silly beads for bracelets, chains, necklaces and other wearables. OHM has something that appeals to everybody without trying to please everybody. The creative team at OHM puts their hearts into each and every design they come up with. They thrive on taking design risks and love experimenting with bizarre ideas. OHM makes what inspires them and integrates what their fans share with them across social networks. Got something to say? Share it with @OhmBeads and you will be heard! Feel free to love, judge or however else express your opinion – OHM welcomes you to experience their world of beauty and become a part of the OHM family #Ohmily!