About Your OHM Bracelet

How do you use OHM Beads charm bracelet?
First, turn OHM Beads bracelet so that the clasp faces you and then find the horizontal line. Secondly, stick your fingernail into the horizontal line slit of the clasp. Thirdly, apply a little pressure to the clasp’s horizontal line slit.  The clasp will pop open.  Once open, twist threaded beads onto bracelet.  When finished twisting on beads, place the long, thin part of the bracelet end into the “u” groove of the clasp.  With those two ends in place;pinch down on the opened clasp with your thumb and forefinger to closeclasp. When you hear it snap into place, the bracelet is securely closed.

OHM Beads Charm Bracelet Tutorial

How should I design my bracelet?
There are so many ways to assemble your personalized OHM Beads bracelet to create different looks. A few ways to consider are:

Random – This is a typical way of creating a keepsake bracelet because each bead is collected based on events and/or have been given as gifts.  This style of bracelet usually is a storyboard for the wearer.

Repeat Pattern  – This is a good way to create a bracelet that will highlight colors in an outfit, or to have a balanced look.  

Focal Point – This method is great if just starting out a bracelet or a great idea for a leather bracelet.  To create this look, select one bead (or a few) to act as a central focal bead(s) and place it in the center of bracelet using locks on both sides of bead(s) to keep in place.
What is the purpose of using locks?
Locks (or known as stoppers) can be placed anywhere on the bracelet (silver, leather, or bangle) to keep beads confined to a certain area on a bracelet or to complete a finished design.  This method is great when just starting out a bracelet with a few beads, so they don’t slide all over the bracelet and/or a way to make a statement with just a few beads.  Also, locks are beneficial when used on a leather bracelet because we recommend just using up to 5 beads on that style of bracelet to halt stretching.

What is a safety chain used for?
Safety Chains add an extra element of security to every bracelet.  OHM Beads has two different types of safety chains:  screw-on safety chain and clip-on safety chain.  Simply twist (or clamp on) one side of the safety chain to bracelet, add beads and then when finished addother side of safety chain and then close clasp.  With a snap clasp bracelet there is very little chance the bracelet will come undone, but some consumers like the dangle-look that a safety chain brings to their bracelet.