Boogily Heads

OHM:  What do you think you have in common with OHM?

Gus Fink, Creator of Boogily Heads We’re both willing to do something we believe in and love. We have passion in our work and it shows. We are the future and it starts with people who want to try something different rather than just repeating what’s already been done.

‘Nuff said. Read OHM’s entire interview with Gus Fink here.

Boogily Heads are the unique characters from the mind of artist Gus Fink. Each Boogily Head has its own unique abilities, flaws, and quirks — just like we do. Boogily Heads remind us that the oddities in life are important, and we should not strive for perfection but happiness. Now let’s try to wrap our collective Boogily Heads around that.

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