Zombies are people, too. Well … the dead kind that lust for human flesh, but let’s not get bogged down in details…

Meet the patriarch and matriarch of our zOHMbie family. It’s modern times. Seattle, Capitol Hill. Chase Skinner is bitten and scratched by a fevered cat he tried to rescue from a tree during the Zombie Apocalypse. Just his luck. Chase and the cat later became friends. But only later – after The Transition.

Chase became undead; but that didn’t slow him down… well, maybe a little bit. Yep, he turned green and a few body parts fell off, but he still had enough guts — so to speak — to win the heart of Lucy Lifeless and bring her hOhm. There, they lived happily ever after dead, surrounded by the things they loved most in life. Err… make that death.

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